Preparing to Be Comfortable at The Dentist

Sometimes, going to the dentist might instill a level of anxiety that you usually don’t have. Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can make your dental visit a bit easier. Contact the office to confirm the time of your appointment so that you can prepare ahead of time and so that you arrive a few minutes before your appointment. This can sometimes make it easier to relax before meeting with the dentist.

If your gums are sensitive, then ask the dentist if a cream or gel can be applied to numb them before your teeth are cleaned. The same numbing agent can usually be applied before you have a filling is done or other types of dental procedures so that you don’t feel what’s going on in your mouth. Contact the office to let the staff know of your concerns and your anxiety. There are often medications that you can take before your appointment to help you relax. If you’re having anything besides a cleaning performed, then nitrous oxide is an option to consider as well. When you’re able to relax while you’re at the dentist, it can make future appointments a bit easier to handle, which can then make you want to continue seeing the dentist for oral care.

One way to help with your anxiety is to talk to the dentist about the steps that will be done before they are performed. You’ll know what instruments are used in your mouth, what they will sound like, and what they could feel like. Knowing what the dentist will do can sometimes help to make you a bit more comfortable instead of hearing odd sounds or feeling pinches and pokes that you don’t expect.

While in the office, ask if you can listen to music or watch television. If possible, you could even read or listen to a book. Take someone with you who can offer support. Ask if the person can sit with you in the exam area so that you have someone to talk to when you’re able to talk. Try to make an appointment at a time when it’s not as busy in the office. Morning hours are usually filled with those who are trying to get appointments out of the way before going to school or work. Afternoons could be busy with people who have emergencies or who have waited until after getting out of school or home from work. The middle of the day is usually the best time because most offices aren’t quite as busy with patients. This can also give you more time to prepare yourself for any type of cosmetic dentistry warren mi that you are there for.

Talk to your dentist about a hand signal that can be used in case you experience any kind of discomfort. This will let the dentist know to stop working so that you can take a deep breath and relax. It could also mean that you need more numbing medication so that you don’t feel what the dentist is doing.