Take Care of the Feet for Overall Health

The body’s extremities work hard every day. The arms and hands provide functionality as the individual perform various tasks on a daily basis. The feet carry the weight of the body. It provides mobility and enables the individual to get from one point to the other.

Foot Pain and Other Conditions

There are several common conditions that may affect the ankle and foot area. Plantar fasciitis is a condition that affects the supporting tissue of the foot arch. With plantar fasciitis, the individual feels pain when bending the foot. Achilles tendinitis occurs in the Achilles tendon, an area which connects the calf muscles. This condition affects runners and other sports practitioners. Symptoms may include tenderness, stiffness, and pain in the specific area. The duration of the pain depends on the severity of the condition.

An ankle sprain is another common issue which affects the ligaments. Aside from pain and mobility problems, swelling and discoloration may be observed in the area of the sprain. There is an increased risk of ankle sprain for individuals using ill-fitting footwear and high-heeled shoes. Ankle sprains are graded based on severity and damage. A stress fracture is another common foot-related issue. This happens when the bone becomes cracked or bruised due to certain types of activities. This is another type of injury that commonly affects those who participate in sports.

When to Seek Treatment

A podiatrist or podiatrist physician specializes in treating conditions of the lower extremities. These areas include the lower leg, ankles, ankle joints, and feet. The practice of podiatry includes several specializations. Some provide services as a general podiatric physician. Others focus on the orthopedic and rheumatology treatment aspects of the job. Some practitioners specialize in sports medicine as a podiatric sports doctor.

Foot pain and other foot-related ailments and injuries can affect anyone at any time. But those who are actively involved in sports are more prone to these conditions. When in the Illinois area, contacting a podiatric sports medicine Elmhurst Il can help ease and treat these conditions.

Why See a Specialist

A podiatrist or podiatrist physician can be a generalist or a specialist. For example, a podiatric sports doctor deal with the prevention and treatment of sports or exercise-related pain and injuries. They have training in musculoskeletal and orthopedic systems and they can help with the preventive and rehabilitative care of the lower extremities.

Like any other part of the body, the fee and the lower extremities can suffer from a variety of pains and ailments. This can be caused by different conditions, from as simple as wearing improperly sized footwear or a sports-related injury. Seeking a foot specialist to treat the condition could help prevent the problem from getting worse.

Every part of the body deserves to be taken cared of. From the head to the soles of the feet, a problem with a part of the body could potentially impact one’s quality of life. Contacting a podiatrist for any foot-related concerns is definitely the best solution.