Why You May Need Dentures

Dentures are a time-tested method of replacing missing teeth, and there are many benefits to getting dentures. Dentures are a great way to get that smile that you have always wanted. Maybe you have a gap in your teeth, or you have even lost a tooth. Dentures are a set of teeth that are made to fit your mouth. Dentures have been around for a very long time, but they have come along way. These days dentures are very realistic-looking, and they are also very comfortable. They can be partial or a complete set. It is ideal to have a few natural teeth as well as dentures because they help to keep the shape of the jaw and will help to anchor the dentures better.

If you have lost a tooth or teeth, it’s important to get them replaced for a number of reasons. Besides aesthetic reasons, you will want to fill in any gaps to maintain the shape of your face. It’ll also help to reduce the pressure on the rest of your teeth. You will also avoid getting any jaw problems, and it can prevent changes to your bite since they will not be able to move into any gaps. Having all your teeth will also help the other teeth by making them more cleanable and will help to reduce the likelihood of developing gum problems and decay. Dentures will give you a perfect set of teeth, and you will gain confidence. Having dentures can also make your words clearer so if you have had speaking problems, this may fix it. You will also be able to eat any food that you want including solid or tough foods. Dentures last for a very long time, so they’ll not need to be replaced for five to ten years.

If you have decided that dentures are for you, you will want to visit a denture clinic Penrith to get the smile you have always dreamed of having. You may need to have a few visits to get the molds done and to ensure that your dentures are fitted perfectly to your mouth.

Once you get your dentures, they will last for quite some time, but you will need to get them relined or replaced if they become loose, begin to irritate the gums, or are wearing down. If you have upper dentures, they will be held in place with the natural suction of the roof of your mouth. Lower dentures will stay in place with the help of the tongue, lips, and cheeks. If you get partial dentures, they will be held in place with the use of clasps. If you have crowns, your dentist may fit them with special attachments to help keep everything in place. There are also implants and mini-implants that are especially useful when there are no other teeth to anchor dentures. They can be a real-game-changer, so you will want to ask your dentist about them if you think they may be for you.