Fighting Back Against the Wear and Tear on Our Bodies

All of our bodies suffer wear and tear as we age. Sometimes it’s just an inevitability. Even when we’re standing still our bodies are still working at a frantic pace. Every beat of our heart comes with a toll on the various cellular processes within us. But other times that wear and tear comes from special circumstances.

Any jogger can attest to the fact that ligaments tend to be fairly fragile. But people might be surprised by the gender gap which will show up in those discussions. The main reason is that men don’t have to worry about some of the more fragile ligaments. These are the areas in a woman’s chest called the cooper’s ligaments. They’re part of the structure responsible for the shape of a woman’s chest. One can think of those ligaments as similar to the beams within a building.

Like any ligament, they’re also susceptible to strains or tears. This is one of the primary reasons why many women experience sagging over time. Of course there’s other cause as well. The aging process tends to decrease skin elasticity. One can see this effect by pinching the skin on a young person and older person’s hands. The younger person’s skin will show a high level of resilience and perkiness. The skin almost instantly snaps back into place. Whereas the older person’s skin will move back into place at a much slower pace.

There are other issues which can contribute to sagging as well. Smokers generally experience much higher levels of skin degradation than others. A smoker’s skin ages faster than average. And the severity of issues involved with aging go up as well. Additionally, lactation can also cause some sagging issues. However, this is generally the least significant among all the causes. Finally, it’s also important to consider the general strain placed on the cooper’s ligaments. Some strain is inevitable over time. But significant force applied over time will aggravate the damage. This is typically seen with joggers who don’t use proper support.

It’s a personal enough issue that many women hesitate to bring it up. But it’s a far simpler issue than most people would assume. Of course any surgical procedure has significant concerns which will need addressing. But in general a mastopexy, or breast lift, is a fairly simple process. It usually begins by looking for a local expert. So someone in La Jolla would look for a breast lift la jolla ca adjacent.

The next step involves discussing what one hopes to get from the procedure. This usually comes down to a choice between a full or modified lift. Likewise, the choice between them will influence the total number of incisions necessary. In general one can expect three or less incisions. Chances of scarring will also usually be discussed at this point. Various factors will influence the overall chances for scar visibility. But in general a patient can expect scarring to be minimal and subtle.

The surgeon will generally be able to hide incision points by using the areas natural contours and skin tone. There are quite a few points to consider before the surgery. But it’s important to keep in mind that these choices also mean that patients have a great deal of freedom in how they want to approach the procedure.