Making an Appointment with Your Family Doctor

Most people will not visit the doctor unless they are sick or injured. Although it is recommended that you get a yearly physical, most will not do this. Visiting the doctor is for an emergency type situation only they believe and do not want to take the time to go for a simple exam. This is not the best way for you to maintain your health since regular visits will bring up any potential medical problems you may have. But, if you do only visit when you absolutely need to, you should know that it may not be as easy to get an appointment with your doctor as it once was. Many medical offices are now overwhelmed with patients and appointments can take weeks to get.

How to Visit the Doctor Without an Appointment

Because of the need for additional medical facilities due to office overloads, a new type of medical facility has become more popular. These facilities will take in any patient at any time. You do not need to have an appointment to go there and you will get the necessary treatment you need. There may, however, be long waiting periods for you to see a doctor at one of these offices because of the demand for them. If you look under walk in clinic folsom ca you will find that there are a few offices located throughout this city. This holds true for most cities in the country. These clinics may also have websites where you can check the waiting period to see a doctor. You can add your name to the waiting list by cell phone and this will lessen the time you have to sit in the office. You can check in once you arrive in order to let them know you are in the facility.

Your Doctor Will Be Sent the Medical Information

When you visit these clinics, they will forward any medical treatment they gave you to your family doctor. This will keep him apprised on what you have visited for and if any further treatment is needed. They will also recommend that you follow up with your family doctor to go over your records. As a convenience to the patients who come to their facility, the clinic will also send all prescriptions electronically to any pharmacy that you choose. When you arrive at your pharmacy, the medicine you need will be waiting for you. This cuts down the wait time at the pharmacy counter which previously could have taken hours.

The medical profession is constantly changing and today all offices will have some type of computer system where all of your records are kept. Any information you need if you change cities or need to see a specialist can be easily placed on a disc for you to bring with you. These records will include not only treatments you have received but any special tests you’ve taken and x-ray images and results. Make sure that you update your information regularly with your doctor’s office.