Will Veneers Work for You?

We all would like to have straight teeth.  You can go to the dentist and get veneers over your teeth to improve your smile.  Most people seek them out to cover gaps they have on their front teeth. One thing is for sure is that veneers are not cheap. Here are some things to know before you get veneers on your teeth.

The Dentist

When you get veneers you need to find the right dentist who’s capable of giving you great results.  This is the dentist who’s won awards for their cosmetic dentistry and has a lot of happy customers. Most times the dentist has before and after photos on their website.  Many offer and set up a free consultation to explain to you the entire veneer process. One also has to understand that veneers are not a requirement for your teeth as its personal cosmetic option you choose.  Visit the dentist and make sure you ask all the questions that you have regarding new veneers and how it will impact your life.


The internet is great when you want to know a lot more about veneers.  Many people have posted their own personal before and after pictures the public can view.  This will give you an eye-opening account about the transformation your teeth will experience once you get veneers.  Look for a list of dentist websites who specialize in veneers. You can either send them questions by email or call them with your concerns.  Do as much research on veneers as you can so you are not misinformed about the experience. Read all reviews about specific doctors who have performed veneers on patients.  Many people will sound off on their experiences whether they are bad or good.

Our smiles

We have to understand that everyone’s smile is different.  It is up to the dentist to give you the best smile they can when getting veneers.  Try to be as transparent as possible and show the dentist different smiles you’d like to have.  Try not to be unrealistic as everyone’s experience with veneers will be different. Most dentists will tell you what they can and can’t do when fitting your teeth.  Sometimes the truth hurts, but you will have to trust the dentist and their professional advice.  You can always find a dentist that does porcelain veneers houston tx near you.

Your teeth

It’s important to understand you don’t have to get veneers on all of your teeth.  You might want only to want to close a gap and that’s it. This is one of the biggest concerns for most patients.  Talk with your dentist about how getting only two teeth with veneers will affect the rest of your smile. Many doctors will tell you your smile will be improved and won’t hurt the rest of your mouth.  However, it all comes down to the structure of our mouths and jaws. Most dentist are quite good at making your veneers look natural. This means that they can perfectly match the shade of your teeth with the new veneers.